Safe Online Gambling


If you are not experienced in using online casinos, you might think that the Internet is overwhelmed with fraudulent casino websites and that online gambling is dangerous or illegal. However, the truth is that in countries where gambling is legal in “real life“, it is also legal online. Online gambling even seems to be having many advantages to going to a real casino, one of them being that overhead charges are much lower. However, you still need to pay attention before deciding which online casino to choose, since there still might be some cheaters or casinos that are illegal. Here are some steps to follow in order to choose a reliable and legal online casino.

Mobile-Casino-Free-Money-gamesIf you have already made a choice of the casino you would like to join, you should do a little research first. Open the search engine you usually use, type the name of the casino together with the words such as “arrested”, “banned”, “fraud”, “illegal” and the like. You can also type the names of famous poker players and check which online casinos sponsor them – there is no chance that great names would put their name onto something that is not legal or verified. This is also a good way of finding a legit online casino in the first place.

Other thing to consider is checking the methods of deposit. With the development of online banking and funds transfer, there are various ways for casinos to receive payments from their players. Try to avoid casinos that only accept cash, wire transfer, checks or credit cards. If the casino offers only one or a few of these methods of payment, the chances are higher that the casino is more disreputable. The best and the most reputable casinos will, together with previously mentioned methods, use services like FirePay, NETteller or some other third party service. This is good because this way the amount of personal information given to the casino is minimal, and they will not be able to access any of your financial information.

holland-online-casinoWhat you can also do is check the encryption software. Make sure that the encryption software is 128-bit. This means that the data is encrypted in a way which is almost impossible to hack. Reputable online casinos are aware of the fact that their users are very concerned about their own security and privacy, and will therefore use encryption software like this. Since they operate with millions of dollars and thousands of users every day, it is in their best interest to protect the data as well.

Other than precaution measures taken by the casinos, you should pay attention to take a few more of them yourself. Once you have chosen the casino you want to play in, make sure that you provide the correct data and that you are the only person who will know the username and password of your account. Do not ever give your username and password to someone claiming to be the casino’s representative, since this is the way you may be cheated.

Keep in mind that there might always be problems, but if you do your best to do a research and choose your casino wisely, the game should be a fun, enjoyable, and above all – safe experience.